Company Policy Concept

Good management system performance is fundamental to long term success and is therefore an integral part of our business plans. System responsibilities extend throughout the organization from the Senior Vice President Technical Director downwards. Everyone is expected to take a personal, active and constructive role in drive for flawless, efficient, competitive and customer focused operations. All personnel ashore and on-board should be familiar and implement the Company’s Policy and objectives through the application of the SMS procedures and instructions.

In the following Policy statements, the overall intentions and the direction of the Company related to Management System issues are set out. The Company, by defining and implementing its Policy, aims to:

  • Develop a sense of personal responsibility and create interest and enthusiasm with respect to health, safety, quality and environment protection.
  • Ensure that personnel assigned to the various tasks are experienced and trained in that

Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct

This Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct are based on United Overseas Management beliefs and values, establishing its commitment to honesty and integrity.

This Code aims at making the fundamental values and principles, which guide the activities of the Company, known within the organization and its managed vessels and to all agents, contractors, suppliers, and other cooperating third parties.

Aims also to ensure that robust and precise values and highest standards of behavior unite the Company and orient individual conduct to confirm the image of correctness, prestige, and good reputation, which have always been the Company’s assets.

Our Company expects from all personnel behavior according to the established principles, laws, rules, and standards, as follows:

Employees must:

  • NEVER be involved in harassment, abuse, discrimination, or child
  • NEVER conceal any identified unsafe act or event which affects or could affect health, safety, the environment, and the property.
  • Impartially perform their duties and act in honesty and good
  • Treat fully confidentially and not use for their own purposes, neither copy nor disclose without the Company’s permission to any third party any information, whether contained in documents (including electronic documents) or not, which relates to the Company and/or companies affiliated with the Company (the “Affiliates”) and/or the members of the Board of Directors, shareholders, other directors, officers, legal representatives, executives and employees (the “Third Parties ”), and is of commercial, technical or organizational nature or relates to the operation of the Company and its competitive position in the market, which may be or become known to Employees during their employment with the Company, if disclosing such may harm substantially the legitimate interests or cause financial or reputational damage to the Company and/or the Affiliates and/or the Third Parties or may strengthen the position of their competitors in the market, to the extent that such information is not already disseminated or made generally available to third

The Company:

  • Strongly prohibits any offer, gift or bribe in any form direct or indirect, including kickbacks in all our operations as well as the use of other routes or channels for provision of improper benefits to, or receipt of improper benefits from agents, contractors, suppliers, or employees of any such party or government
  • Conducts procurements fairly and


Managing Director